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Buying a Home? You Need an A+ Team of Experts!

Buying a home is like planning a heist. Pick the right team!

Buying a home is a big step for anyone, especially when it’s your first home! There’s so much to think about that it’s easy to miss something. That’s why you need a whole team of professionals to make your home-buying experience successful. You can think of it as Ocean’s 11, but there’s no escape plan, […]

National Healthy Homes Month

Healthy Homes through home inspections

June is National Healthy Homes Month! At least it was last year, but HUD changed it to April on us. But regardless of when we celebrate it, a healthy home is an achievement we should all work toward in our living environments, especially if we’re homeowners (and June is also National Homeowners’ Month!). And there are […]

Mold Inspections Are Essential in Southwest Virginia

Getting mold inspections prevents mold infestation and home damage in Southwest Virginia.

Water is an unstoppable force. They say it built the Grand Canyon and, over time, can wear down a mountain. So, while water itself, in the right amount or velocity, can be a danger to your home, it also gives birth to another destructive element that can be just as dangerous—mold. That’s why mold inspections […]

7 Critical Items a Home Inspection Doesn’t Cover

Home Inspection Checklist

A home inspection is an essential part of the home buying process and sets you, the homeowner, up for success – or at least gives you a clear enough picture that you have the opportunity for it! As we say, we ensure your dream home doesn’t become a nightmare. But as thorough as we are, […]

The Vitality of SW Virginia Radon Inspections 

Diagram showing why you need Detail View for your SW Virginia radon inspections.

First-time home buyers have a lot to learn and worry about before purchasing a new home, from finding the right realtor, lender, and home itself to the time-consuming move process. It’s easy to miss something, especially when it’s not obvious or familiar. In Southwest Virginia, radon Inspections are one of the most essential overlooked necessities […]

A Home Inspector is a Home Buyer’s Best Friend

Detail View Home Inspections has certified Home Inspectors

Your home purchase ranks up there with choosing a career or life partner as one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. It’s also probably the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy! Unfortunately, unlike a career, you don’t get a lot of training or life experience to prepare you for making that decision. That’s […]